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The Austrian Travel Network is for Sale

The Austrian sub network (ATTN) is priced differently for each domain.
For businesses looking for perfectly-targeted Austrian domains they are all here, all devoted to incoming tourists to Austria the year round. Although much of this site is devoted to our biggest and most popular domain
www.skiaustria.com  I would advise professionals to look at the rest as well. And please do not forget; a purchase on one of the other domains may well earn a prominent advertising position on the domain Ski Austria

The domain names and asking price are listed below

skiaustria.com $ 150,000 bestpriceaustria.com $ 5,000
holidaysaustria.com $ 50,000 availableaccommodationaustria.com $ 5,000
tirolaustria.com $ 35,000 availableroomsaustria.com $ 3,000
stantonaustria.com $ 20,000 apartmentsaustria.com $ 3,000
lechaustria.com $ 15,000 austrianaccommodation.com $ 1,000
stubaiaustria.com $ 15,000 austriansno.com $ 1,000
austrianarlberg.com $ 15,000 yskiat.com $ 1,000
austrianresorthotels.com $ 7,000    

The Austrian Travel Network (ATTN) is a major sub section, its own network of travel web domains of the 250-domain Activelifestyle Travel Network (ATN). ATTN is made up of 15 domains.  Each domain, a solo entry or the entire  network is for sale. All domains listed here are directly related to Travel within and to Austria. Some concentrate on activities that take place in different parts of the mountainous country. As a result they are perfectly targeted

The Austrian Travel Network first registered sites for travel to Austria in March 1996. The format is still being adhered to and acted upon. To prove that the Internet Never Sleeps, just recently ATN has added another, social media type domain to ATTN. 

As mentioned earlier, www.skiaustria.com the leader of ATN and the Austrian Travel Network is the most popular of all ATNís sub- networks. As a result the domain attracts the most viewers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Do they all make money? Yes is the quick answer, however together or alone the domains in do not live up to potential.

Income is derived from commission sales of accommodation, Google ads and our own advertising sales efforts. The latter though has not been pursued in the last years. There can be vast improvement in all categories. Costs are amortized over the entire Activelifestyle Network so there is no particular way of pinning the cost of developing and maintaining ATTN. However rest assured; ATN shows a handsome profit on a yearly basis and a few of our domains have already been sold.

Following are some figures on
www.skiaustria.com. It is interesting to note that here all figures are devoted exclusively to the Ski Austria domain. Also please note that we have, in early September changed servers. However the new figures correspond closely with those of years past.

Visitors and page views.
There are about nine million six hundred thousand page views a year (9,600,000)There are around four (4) pages viewed for every visitor. This makes the amount of visitors about two million four hundred thousand a year (2,400,000), or twenty thousand visitors (20,000) each day. It is worthy of note here that our purpose is to drive visitors to partnerís sites as quickly as possible. With this in mind our page views could be much higher.

Phrases put into search engines.
These  include Ski Austria, Austria Skiing, Skiing in Austria, Austrian Hotels and many more. It is interesting to note that here, often, the domain
www.skiaustria.com ranks first. Out of the major keywords the worst the domain Ski Austria ranks is eleventh.

Top countries.
Great Britain, USA, and Germany rank at the top. However one should note that the Eastern European countries rank well too.

Outside sites visitors come from
The domain
www.alpineskimaps.com produces the most visitors. Second and third are Courmayeur.com and Skiwitzerland.com. Unsurprisingly most domains come from other Activelifestyle domains.

If you have questions or would like to make an offer please contact me,
Bill Fogarty at this email;